7 Reasons Why Professional Nannies Have a More Rewarding Job than an Office Job

Nannying is a career like any other. It provides a means of employment as well as a rewarding experience for many. The demand for nannies has been on the rise today with many employed parents looking for professional nannies to help care for their children. Unknown to many, the job of a professional nanny is more rewarding than the usual 9 to 5 office job. Are you looking to change careers but not sure what avenue to take? A role as a professional nanny might be just what you need. You’ll be employed, and therefore paid through nanny PAYE. Here are seven more good reasons nannying is more enriching and satisfying when compared to a desk job.

1. Job Security

When matched with the right family, a professional nanny can guarantee job security until the kids begin school, and thereafter. Many parents, however, struggle to choose the ideal candidate for this rather personal role. Nonetheless, if the parents feel they have made the right choice, you can be assured of job security for as long as you are a hard worker and trustworthy.

2. Flexibility

Almost all office jobs (9 to 5) run on fixed schedules. They offer very little to no flexibility, which means you cannot attend to urgent matters without express permission from the employer. Professional nannies do not, however, have a fixed schedule, hence can work whenever required to. Some families prefer a part-time and flexible nanny while others will need a full-time nanny.

3. Dynamic

Nannying gives you the flexibility and dynamics to experience it all while still at work. One day you will be playing in the local playground with the kids, and the next hunting around a museum. With no conventional daily routine, no two days will ever be the same for a nanny.

4. Fresh Air

A professional nanny doesn’t necessarily have to be confined in the house or four drab walls for hours. The work of a nanny is to ensure the kids are safe, busy, and happy throughout the day. This means taking them outdoors to play, walking in the park, and even basking in the warm sun in spring and summer.

5. Creativity

Many standard desk jobs are repetitive. One may be required to repeat the same takes over and over with very little changes to the routines. A professional nanny, on the other hand, doesn’t have to do the same things over and over, and will in most instances have to get creative with the children. One of the reasons is because children can get bored and distracted easily.

6. Save Money

Most (if not all) office jobs require staff to stick to a particular dress code. Many of these jobs demand one to wear ‘professional-looking’ clothes every day. Some of these clothes are not only expensive but also uncomfortable to be in all day. All a professional nanny requires, however, is a comfortable enough outfit. The convenience and comfort of a casual dress-code are pocket-friendly.

7. Other Perks

While this depends on a person’s preferences, live-in nannies won’t have to pay for accommodation. In addition to this, they enjoy other perks, including the opportunity to travel and a balanced/active lifestyle. You still get paid even when all you have to do is take care of the kids while on a safari.

Making a Career as a Nanny

Nanny jobs are some of the most rewarding positions anyone can have. The satisfaction of seeing a child grow and progress is simply fulfilling. You should, of course, weigh up all the pros and cons of the career before making the jump. If you’re looking for job security, flexibility, and good compensation, then nannying could be the job for you.