How you squeeze page can reduce the cost of new leads

Have you ever wondered how all of these internet marketers have such large database lists to send their offers?

Have you ever wondered how much it takes to get these B2B leads? What if we told you that it is possible to create your own double subscription list absolutely free using a page as simple as a squeeze page?

 Once you’ve completed this article, you’ll understand exactly what you need to do to stop waiting for new prospects or buy from prospective brokers and create your own, completely free answer list.

Before Going further Let us understand difference between squeeze and Landing page and what is the purpose it served.

Difference between Landing Pages and Squeeze pages

Landing pages have been useful tool for marketers since the inception of the Internet. But not all landing pages are the same.

What is a squeeze page? And how can you differentiate with the Landing Page

On the other hand, a squeeze page has the constant goal of collecting the visitor’s name and emails

It can also be used to offer a free subscription to e-books, technical documents, or podcasts for the audience email addresses, but the information requested remains the same.

These are very similar to landing pages, but focus more on products or services; they usually have only one product/service and a very clear call to action to get the email.  It should be optimized, but with less page content.

Purpose of Squeeze page and Landing Page

A landing page is a separate page that aims to achieve a single conversion goal. This can range from getting free test files for a new SaaS product to registering for a webinar or attending buyers’ catalogs or product pages. Therefore, the information requested by the visitor varies, if available.

For Instance, you can request your email address, full address, and credit card information, or simply click to go to the next page.

Squeeze pages-Internet marketing for the next generation

When websites started appearing online, there was so little competition in every niche that anyone who sold a product could count on regular customers who kept looking for it.

With literally billions of websites on the World Wide Web, competition is now much tougher and it is not always guaranteed that sellers will sell.

In order to get the most out of every visitor to your website, you need to collect your information to keep selling it.

For some marketers, this is accomplished by offering a monthly newsletter, for others it is a free offer on their actual sales page (i.e. a free trial version of what they offer) and even other specialists. In marketing, they buy leads over leads.

For many marketers who want to build a long-term relationship with a clientele, a restricted page is just the thing.

What you need to remember is that every time someone clicks on your website, either through an advertisement that you have placed anywhere on the Internet, or through a resource field in one of your articles, that person is what is considered a potential customer is known.

That said, they have now shown interest in what it has to offer. As important as your potential customers are to your online business, you want to go further now and attract qualified potential customers.

In order to ensure that your potential customers are qualified and not only targeted, you want to create a restricted page on which the contact details of your visitors are recorded.

To do this, place a subscription field on your page and offer visitors a free report, newsletter or other free offer that is directly related to the product you sell in your main index.

Since these visitors are already looking for the information you sell, it is very likely that you will make a sale if you take the time to enter your contact information.

If the visitors who choose to participate don’t buy on the first visit, your email address will be added to your list of qualified potential customers and you can gradually build a relationship of trust with them, to the point of which you choose to buy from you.

Think of the popular saying of internet marketing: money is in the list.

This has never been so right and the squeeze pages make it easier than ever to create this list.

Hope you have got an idea about the squeezing page and how effectively help in reducing cost on your generated new leads.

If you have any suggestion please do let me know in the comment section.

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