Tips To Help Plus Size Women Find The Right Shapewear

Shapewear is a product for women of all shapes and sizes, and not for just the plus size women. It is an ideal foundation garment that any woman can use to boost their confidence in their fashion of choice. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, among others, are praising this product. But with women being of all shapes and sizes, how can they know which shapewear pieces will suit them, more so the plus size women? Read this guide from shapewear specialist, Elle Courbee.

1. Your Shapewear Mission

Why is shapewear an essential part of fashion for the modern, fashionable, plus size woman? The product is a transformative investment that allows women to change their image to suit their moods or preferences. Your image as a plus-size woman matters since it impacts how others will perceive you. But how you look should not be obvious. It is possible to rock your favourite silhouette looks and experiment with a few other options.

2. Focus Your Waist

The shapewear can work under a dress to accentuate the waist and give you a better and more enhanced look. Think of a body corset and how it changes your form. You can use the shapewear to support your back, have a smooth tummy, or enhance your waist and lines. Formerly, the focus was on the waist, but the latest products are not that restrictive. They have lightweight lycra instead of a restrictive boning; thus, the high waist panty girdle comfortably cinches your middle. Therefore, the pieces will shape not only your waist but also your bottom as well to give you a flowing, curvy form from your waist to the hips.

3. Boost Your Curves

If you are in the mood for showing off some curves, then you should pick shapewear that supports you from the bust, down to your waist and over your bottom. It can even flow down to the legs. So, a full shaping suit might be an excellent choice. However, your choice should be something that offers a complete level of support. Take the time to consider the material and degree of compression. For instance, you can go for an underwired cami if you want to achieve a softer look. A full corset will, on the other hand, be an ideal pick if you are going for a more dramatic look.

4. Slim Your Lines

If you have concerns about how you look in your daily wear, that you should pick shapewear that focuses on giving you a natural, subtle line. The piece you wear should smooth out your shape. It should sit comfortably underneath your jeans or workwear. Pick shapewear with medium compression. It can be seamless shaping shorts or skirts or even briefs that support your shape from the waist down to the legs.

5. Stay Secure

A silhouette look is not always the way to go; at times, you want to feel secure and confident in what you wear. Perhaps, you have bought a high-quality garment that is the correct size but needing an extra touch. For this, you should pick a piece that sits securely irrespective of the style you are going for. For that additional anchoring, pick shapewear that hangs from the shoulders, something like a bodysuit or shaping slip. The shoulder straps will eliminate any roll down that holding the shapewear in place.

6. Size It Right

Lastly, you should always pick shapewear pieces that are the correct size. You will quickly regret wearing shapewear that feels restrictive or one that is a size too small, thus causing bumps and lumps to form. The same applies to the dress you want to wear.