For not less than fourteen years, Lexington law firm has gained a lot of reviews from their clients. Someone among their clients has written a publication titled Lexington law firm reviews. They are outstanding when it comes to helping people redeem their lousy credit score image. As we speak, this reputable law firm has helped not less than half a million clients resolve their inaccuracies on their credit reports. They work with not less than 24 licensed lawyers in nineteen states in the United States of America. Let’s take a look at some of their services so you can understand what they can do for you. 

Free consultation

They always want people to feel free to approach them, mainly if your credit score is so bad. They will help you get your Transunion credit report for free together with the FICO score summary and free initial consultation as part of your credit repair process. 

Reputable experience

They help people to redeem their credit score; their process of handling it is so great that when you compare it with other company that does the same. Their performance is unquestionable because for a company to keep rendering one service for not less than fourteen years, such a company ought to be trusted. They pride themselves to strictly adhere to both the state and federal credit repair regulations, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

 Multiple discounts

All categories of people trust their services military personnel, and their families have the advantage of getting discounts, which are a rare opportunity in the credit repair industry. Couples get a $50 discount on a second account’s first-work immediately; they sign up for credit repair services deal.

Online education services

In other to make their services more effective, they decided to come up with a means that will help clients reach them easily. That is why they came up with the online education services, where customers and other clients can contact themselves directly and even talk more about how they can give Lexington law firm reviews among themselves.

The cons

It is naturally impossible for a company that is very efficient in his services with excellent customer feedback, not have its policies. Most of the time, these policies can be the reason why some categories of clients could not reach them for their services. If you compare their service quality with that of others, you will realize that despite that they deliver excellent services, their delivery date is slow, particularly when compared with other law firms that do the same thing. 


In as much as the good of the company outweighs the bad in comparison with other companies in the credit repair industry, then Lexington remains the best. 

According to the reviews left by customers, their credit repair service can be slow, but they provide a quality service. Customers also confessed that the company has professional legal assistants that go extra miles in helping people improve their credit score records. 

They also send dispute letters to all the three major bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion which is an offer that is hugely beneficial to both their potential and current clients